Clans on Wattpad


My mystery/suspense novella ‘Clans’ is posted at Wattpad:

‘Clans’ is a suspense/thriller novella of 22,783 words. A young female elementary teacher is in a tavern celebrating the end of the school year with three other teachers when she notices a man she has never seen before watching her. When she goes home that night she is attacked and nearly murdered on her doorstep. Her attacker delivers a cryptic message just before killing her. Which is just before he is killed by the strange man who had been watching her in the bar. Who then flees after saving her life. The police detective investigating the case tells her the name of the dead man who attacked her, and that he was from southeastern Kentucky. That knowledge, plus the words the man uttered just before dying, sends her from her home in Cincinnati, Ohio, off to the mountains of Appalachia to learn how she is involved in such lethal events. Once there, she becomes embroiled in a brutal fight not only for her life, but for the very soul of the violent world she has been drawn into.