My Published Short Stories

The Society of Misfit Stories Vol. 1, which includes my novella ‘No Way At All’, has been released in digital format by Bards and Sages Publishing. The print version will be available soon.


My short story Womb was published online at Purple Prose Magazine October 1, 2017


A Definition of Evil has been published by FTB and included in their anthology “The Renegades of Prose”. It is available in both digital and print, merely click ‘Buy On Amazon’ at bottom of image.


Death Pitch has been reprinted by 67 Press and included in their anthology “Exhibits”. Which is available in paperback format at Amazon:

The Underhouse was published by Centum Press and included in their anthology “One Hundred Voices”.


No Way At All was published by Bards and Sages as part of the Society of Misfit Stories series.  It is available in digital format at Amazon:


The World Ended Last Night and Nobody Told Me was published by New Zenith Magazine in their Issue 1 Summer 2016.  It is available in hard copy and digital at their site:


Beauty and Death at 70 MPH was published by James Ward Kirk Fiction and included in the ‘Ghosts Revenge’ anthology, which was published as a two-anthology volume which included the anthology “Ugly Babies 3”  It is available at Amazon in paperback and digital format:




Death Pitch was published online in the Spring 2016 York Literary Review.



Things Don’t Always Go Bump In The Night was published online by The Flash Fiction Press on March 25, 2016.

On the home page search for the title, then click on the date March 25, 2016.  The story will appear.