11/20/17:     The Society of Misfit Stories Vol. 1, which includes my novella ‘No Way At All’, has been released in digital format by Bards and Sages Publishing. The print version will be available soon.

11/5/17:       Signed a contract for my novella “Midnight Feedings” to be published by Bards and Sages as part of their Society of Misfit Stories series.

10/16/17:     Just received the galley proof of what will be Bards & Sages Society of Misfit Stories Vol. 1, in which my previously-digitally published novella ‘No Way At All’ will be included, to be reviewed for mistakes & to include an updated bio. The hard cover volume is to be published hopefully by the end of the year!

10/9/17:       My short story “Womb” has been published by Purple Prose!

10/08/17:      My novella “Midnight Feedings” has been critiqued and returned to me for rewriting and possible publication by Bards and Sages Society of Misfit Stories, which previously published my novella “No Way At All”.

9/27/17:       My science fiction short story “Womb” has been accepted by Purple Prose for publication & might be broadcast as an audio podcast.

9/17/17:       Just learned my short story “A Definition of Evil”, which is a Halloween story for adults, was published in FTB Presents: The Renegades of Prose.

7/10/17:     Finished my sci-fi short story ‘Womb’ and submitted it for publication.

5/18/17:     Had one pitch liked on PitDark. Submitted query, synopsis & first chapter.

5/18/17:     Pitching my new paranormal thriller novel ‘Souls of Nod’ on PitDark.

5/17/17:    Completed horror novella ‘Midnight Feedings’.

4/27/17:    Entered my novel ‘A Cold Dish’ in the International Book Awards contest.

2/5/17:     Just received notice that payments from Centum Press for ‘The Underhouse’ is going out via Pay Pal.  Yeah!

1/18/17:    I just signed a contract for my novella, “No Way At All”, which was published in digital format on Amazon by Barbs and Sages and included in their series ‘Society of Misfit Stories’, to be published in paperback format, to be released in the summer or fall of 2017.

1/16/17:     The reprint of my short story, “Death Pitch”, included in an anthology titled “Exhibits: an Anthology by 67 Press”, is now available at Amazon in paperback:

This is the first story of mine to be reprinted.

11/11/16:          Alan Wright of Old 67 released an excerpt of my story “Death Pitch” that is to be included in the published anthology “Exhibits”.

11/7/16:           My novel “A Cold Dish” was reviewed by U.S. Review of Books.

10/30/16:        I just posted my mystery/suspense novella ‘Clans’ to Wattpad.

10/14/16:        I just received my copy of “One Hundred Voices – volume 1”, an anthology published by Centum Press that includes my short story ‘The Underhouse’.  It can be found here:

10/03/16:        Received contract from FTB Press for publication of my short story ‘A Definition of Evil’, to be included in their anthology ‘The Renegades of Prose’.

10/02/16:        Received contract from ‘U.S. Review of Books’ for their posted review of my book ‘A Cold Dish’.  Will submit the book shortly.  

9/30/16:          Mechanical Mayhem Press paid me $25 for my short story ‘Deep Fade’, which is to be published in Double Feature Magazine.

9/29/16:          James Ward Kirk paid me $4.80 in royalties for sales of ‘A Cold Dish’.

9/28/16:          Bards and Sages paid me $25 for my novella ‘No Way At All’.

9/27/16:          Posted my book for sale on Darek Haines’ site ‘Whizbuzz’:

Front Page

9/23/16:         My novella ‘No Way At All’ was published by Bards and Sages as part of their ‘Society of Misfit Stories’ series.  It is available in digital format at Amazon:

9/22/16:        Signed a contract with Double Feature Magazine to publish my short story ‘Deep Fade’ in their first issue.

9/6/16:          Opened an account with Channillo – – to serialize my science fiction novel ‘Uncertain Cat’.  I posted the first chapter, and will post a new chapter every week.  It is listed in the science fiction category.  Also, you can click on’series list’ at the bottom of any page, and the stories there are listed in alphabetical order.

9/6/16:          Signed a contract with Alan Wright of 67 Creative Productions to reprint my short story ‘Death Pitch’ in their ‘Exhibits’ anthology.

9/3/16:          My copy of New Zenith Magazine has arrived!

8/29/16:        My short story ‘The World Ended Last Night and Nobody Told Me’ has been published by New Zenith Magazine Issue 1 Summer 2016.  It is available at their website:

7/20/16:        Just learned ‘Ghosts’ Redemption’ anthology, which includes my short story ‘Beauty and Death at 70 MPH’,  was published in connection with the ‘Ugly Babies 3/ Ghosts Redemption’ anthology on June 9.  By James Ward Kirk Fiction.  I’ve been so involved with ‘A Cold Dish’ I totally lost track of that.  Two anthologies in one volume.  It is available at Amazon:

7/17/16:         Signed a contract for my short story ‘The World Ended Last Night and Nobody Told Me’ with New Zenith Magazine.

7/6/16:          The publication dates for the ‘Society of Misfit Stories’

stories has just been posted.  The first one will be published on August 5.  My novella ‘No Way At All’ will be published on September 23.

7/4/16:          My short story ‘The World Ended Last Night and Nobody Told Me’ was accepted for publication by New Zenith Magazine.

6/27/16:        Signed a contract for my novella “No Way At All” to be published in the next “Bards and Sages” quarterly – The Society of Misfit Stories.

6/23/16:        James Ward Kirk  has published my novel “A Cold Dish” in paperback and digital format.  It is available at Amazon –

5/4/16:        My short story ‘Death Pitch’ was published in the online Spring 2016 issue of York Literary Review:

4/25/16:     My short story ‘Death Pitch’ was accepted for publication by York Literary Review.  It will be included in their first anthology

4/19/16:     My short story ‘The Underhouse’ was accepted for publication by Centum Press.  It will be included in an anthology.

3/25/16:     As promised, ‘Things Don’t Always Go Bump In The Night’ appears online at The Flash Fiction Press site.

3/19/16:     My novel ‘A Cold Dish’ was acquired by James Ward Kirk Fiction ( for digital publication and distribution, with paperback and hardback editions possible at a later date.

2/22/16:     My flash fiction ‘Things Don’t Always Go Bump In The Night’ was acquired by Les Weil of The Flash Fiction Press.  The story will be published online at on March 25th.

2/22/16:     My short story ‘Beauty and Death at 70 MPH’ was acquired by James Ward Kirk of James Ward Kirk Fiction (  It is to be included in his upcoming anthology ‘Ghosts Redemption’, which will be published as a Quality Trade paperback book and also in electronic format available through Kindle, Smashwords, and other digital venues.


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