About me, briefly


Mike Sherer – m.sherer@yahoo.com


I was born and raised in Mason, Ohio, twenty miles north of Cincinnati.  At the time it was a small farm town, although it has grown into a city.  I didn’t move far, now residing next door in West Chester.  I have written fiction in different forms my entire life, from song lyrics when I was a teenager to publishing my first novel in 2016.  In between, I have written short stories, novellas, stage plays, screenplays, and more recently a blog. My blog, which I post on this website, is titled ‘Flanging’. It is about the metal fabrication plant I have worked at for most of my adult life. It describes the work I do, the people I’ve worked with, and incidents that have happened there. It is set in a heavy industry blue collar world most people are unfamiliar with. My mystery/fantasy novel ‘A Cold Dish’ was published by James Ward Kirk Fiction and is available in digital and paperback formats at Amazon. John G. Thomas produced the movie ‘Hamal_18’ from a screenplay I wrote. It was released direct to DVD, and is available to buy at Amazon and to rent at Netflix. I am serializing my novel ‘Uncertain Cat’ on Channillo. It is a humorous fantasy set in the quantum world. I have a suspense/thriller novella titled ‘Clans’posted on Wattpad.  I have had six short stories and one novella published, with three more short stories under contract to be published. My very first published work was a record review column I wrote for my college paper. I am currently working on a mystery/fantasy novel titled ‘Souls of Nod’, of which I have just finished the rough draft and am presently working on the structural edit.  Feel free to tweet me at: @mikewsherer, or email me at csherer@fuse.net

A photo of me with a poster from the movie “Hamal_18”, which was taken at the cast and crew screening at the Egyptian Theater in Hollywood.



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