About me, briefly


Mike Sherer – m.sherer@yahoo.com


I was born and raised in Mason, Ohio, twenty miles north of Cincinnati.  At the time it was a small farm town, although it has grown into a city.  I didn’t move far, now residing next door in West Chester.  I have written fiction in different forms my entire life, from song lyrics when I was a teenager to publishing my first novel in 2016.  In between, I have written short stories, novellas, stage plays, screenplays, and more recently a blog. My first blog, which is still posted on this website, is ‘Flanging’. It is about the metal fabrication plant I have worked at for most of my adult life. It describes the work I do, the people I’ve worked with, and incidents that have happened there. It is set in a heavy industry blue collar world most people are unfamiliar with. My new ongoing travel blog is ‘American Locations’. This covers my trip from Natchez Trace, Tennessee, to Dodge City, Kansas, by way of Tucson, Arizona. My mystery/fantasy novel ‘A Cold Dish’ was published by James Ward Kirk Fiction and is available in digital and paperback formats at Amazon. John G. Thomas produced the movie ‘Hamal_18’ from a screenplay I wrote. It was released direct to DVD, and is available to buy at Amazon and to rent at Netflix. I have had ten short stories published, with two more accepted for publication. Also, one novella published, with another under contract to be published. My very first published work was a record review column I wrote for my college paper. I have completed a mystery/fantasy novel titled ‘Souls of Nod’, and am currently working on a mystery/fantasy MG novel titled ‘Shadytown’.  Feel free to tweet me at: @mikewsherer, or email me at m.sherer@yahoo.com

A photo of me with a poster from the movie “Hamal_18”, which was taken at the cast and crew screening at the Egyptian Theater in Hollywood.



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