American Locations 44 – Zion 2

The trip is from Natchez Trace, Tennessee, to Dodge City, Kansas, by way of Tucson, Arizona.

 Zion National Park, Utah

The rainy season arrived while we were in Zion. It rained so hard the Narrows Trail was closed, and people were advised not to hike up to Angels Landing. But there is a free shuttle service throughout the valley, taking riders to parts where cars are prohibited. So we used this extensively to get to points of interest without getting soaked. But at least it wasn’t snowing, as it was several thousand feet higher up in the mountains. We counted our blessings. Although it was cold and damp, we ventured out to see as much as we could stand.




There were brief moments when it didn’t rain.


Here is the creek running down out of the mountains past the campground. With all the rain, and the snow melt, it ran pretty strong.



The clouds were often hanging low in the mountains.



Between rainstorms, we hiked to this waterfall.


And along the Virgin River.



To the beginning of the Narrows, which was closed.



Then back out along the Virgin River.


We stayed four days, hoping for the rain to break. But you can’t help the weather. We got out when we could and saw as much of the park as the weather would allow. Another major trail, I forget which, was closed due to storm damage. So we saw what we could.


Next Location – Zion National Park 3


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