American Locations 41 – South Rim of the Grand Canyon 3

The trip is from Natchez Trace, Tennessee, to Dodge City, Kansas, by way of Tucson, Arizona.

 South Rim of the Grand Canyon, Arizona

We established a routine for the two days we were here. We would ride the shuttle in to the visitor center, transfer to whichever line, eastbound or westbound, get off and hike the rim trail until we were tired, ride the shuttle again, get off and hike again, until we were totally exhausted. We packed a lunch and stopped at a scenic spot along the way to eat. There were plenty of scenic spots to choose from. 

1519_GC South Rim

1520_GC South Rim

1521_GC South Rim

1553_GC South Rim

1525_GC South Rim

1527_GC South Rim

1531_GC South Rim

1536_GC South Rim

This picture with people gives you some perspective as to the size of the canyon.

1546_GC South Rim

We saw young women doing yoga poses on the edge here, too, like in Sedona. One shuttle driver told us people fell over the edge all the time. And when they did, they usually died. The terrain is so treacherous an injured person cannot be easily extracted. If the fall didn’t kill them, the wait would. It takes a long time to get down into parts of the canyon where there are no trails. At least the park has gotten good at recovering the bodies.


Here are several photos of the Colorado River at the bottom. It’s hard to believe that skinny little river carved out this huge canyon.

1543_GC South Rim

1559_GC South Rim

1564_GC South Rim

Here I zoomed in for a good shot of one of the two footbridges across the river.

1580_GC South Rim

Here is a close-up of the river at a place where it appears wide and placid.

1606_GC South Rim

Here is a shot that includes the flat plateau on top all the way down to the river at the bottom.

1608_GC South Rim

There is a structure at the west end of the rim road, Hermit’s Rest, the last stop in that direction for the shuttle.

1574_GC South Rim

We hiked and rode from Hermit’s Rest at the westernmost end of the road to Yaki Point at the easternmost end. Here we saw an artist set up on a secluded spot just off the rim trail painting an oil landscape. We watched him quietly for a while, but didn’t disturb him. Then we took the shuttle back out to Tuscaya and our campground to relax in the evening.

The next location is Vermillion Cliffs, Arizona


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