American Locations 21 – Guadalupe Mountains

The trip is from Natchez Trace, Tennessee, to Dodge City, Kansas, by way of Tucson, Arizona.

Guadalupe Mountains National Park, Texas

After completing the tour of McDonald Observatory, we drove north on Hwy 180. The first part of this drive was interesting, as we wound up and down and around mountains. Then the road leveled out and we came to Interstate 10. Driving west on I-10, we passed through the most desolate part of our trip. There is absolutely nothing along the interstate through this part of west Texas. There is a train track that runs alongside the road, but we never saw a train running on it. The desert landscape is littered with small abandoned and collapsing buildings. So once this area had been populated, but what we saw that day could have been a moonscape for all the signs of life present.

We continued west on I-10 until we came to Van Horn. We headed north on Hwy 90, then shortly continued north on Rte 54. Along this route we passed one ranch after another, this being a much more inhabited countryside than what we had just passed through. Also, we caught up with an unusual motor home. I have seen many vehicles transformed into motor homes, but this motor home had previously been a garbage truck. It couldn’t have been practical, as those are heavy and can’t get very good gas millage. My wife wanted a picture of it, but I never did. But there was no mistaking it, the thing had originally been a garbage truck.

0680_Guadalupe Mountains NP

0681_Guadalupe Mountains NP

El Capitan greets visitor to Guadalupe Mountains National Park arriving from the south. The tall mountain started coming into view when we were about 20 miles away. The surrounding countryside is so flat it and the other mountains seem to rise up out of nowhere.

0682_Guadaluupe Mountains NP

The campground wasn’t anything more than a paved parking lot. But it was situated at the foot of Guadalupe Peak, the tallest mountain in the park. Also, all the best hiking trails originate here.

0684_Guadalupe Mountains NP

0721_Guadalupe Mountains NP

And the view made it worthwhile.

0685_Guadalupe Mountains NP

0687_Guadalupe Mountains NP

0688_Guadalupe Mountains NP

We were so far out in the middle of nowhere, and the wildlife was so tame, we could get up close and personal.

0689_Guadalupe Mountains NP

0690_Guadalupe Mountains NP

The first hike my wife and I embarked on was from the campground to the visitor center. It also led to what had been a stop on a stage coach line. Of which only one wall remained standing.

0696_Guadalupe Mountains NP

0694_Guadalupe Mountains NP

It was a nice walk through the desert.

0691_Guadalupe Mountains NP

0692_Guadalupe Mountains NP

0693_Guadalupe Mountains NP

0695_Guadalupe Mountains NP

0697_Guadalupe Mountains NP

We took another hike that went up into the mountains.

0701_Guadalupe Mountains NP

0703_Guadalupe Mountains NP

0704_Guadalupe Mountains NP

0705_Guadalupe Mountains NP

We also walked around the ruins of an old farm.

0711_Guadalupe Mountains NP

0714_Guadalupe Mountains NP

0715_Guadalupe Mountains NP

0716_Guadalupe Mountains NP

0718_Guadalupe Mountains NP

0719_Guadalupe Mountains NP

After a day spent touring an observatory, driving, then hiking in the desert and the mountains, we returned to our campsite to crash.

The next location is Guadalupe Mountains 2



2 thoughts on “American Locations 21 – Guadalupe Mountains”

  1. There are missed opportunities for photos. This one my wife hasn’t let me forget. When she tells people about this motor home she always ends with, “If we only had a picture of it.”


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