American Locations 8 – Rio Grande Village

The trip is from Natchez Trace, Tennessee, to Dodge City, Kansas, by way of Tucson, Arizona.

Rio Grande Village Campground, Big Bend National Park, Texas


Continuing south on Park Road 12 brought us to Rio Grande Village Campground on the eastern side of Big Bend National Park.

0223_Big Bend

The campground is on the Rio Grande River.

0222_Big Bend

That is the river in the upper left. The water at the bottom of the photo is merely part of a marsh on the American side, so that is not a pedestrian walkway crossing the Rio Grande into Mexico. It is part of a hiking trail through the marsh that leads to the top of a hill that presents a sweeping vista of the surrounding countryside. The land to the left of the river, and the mountains in the background, is Mexico.

People from the campground climb to this hilltop.

0209_Big Bend

They hike through the marsh.

0210_Big Bend

0241_Big Bend

And climb up the hill.

0218_Big Bend

To see sunsets over Mexico.

0228_Big Bend

0216_Big Bend

0237_Big Bend

And also to see the sunset reflected off the mountains to the east.

0226_Big Bend

0231_Big Bend

0235_Big Bend

Besides sunsets, the vista also gives a good view into Mexico. It is surprising how narrow and shallow the Rio Grande is.

0230_Big Bend


0233_Big Bend

Despite the name, there is no actual village here. But there is a camp store where you can purchase, among other things, a 5-minute shower for $2. There are no utilities in campground. Next to the store is a paved parking lot with utilities that can accommodate large RV’s.

0207_Big Bend

I preferred the real campground. Our 23 foot motor home is small enough to go just about anywhere, and we have a gasoline generator for electric and a 30 gallon fresh water tank that could be refilled at the campground. So we are small and self-contained. Besides these two sections of Rio Grande Village, there is also a group campground. While we were there a large group of teenagers from a private school were encamped there. It must have been a posh school, because we were passing by there once at dinner time. Catering vans arrived to set up a feast that smelled delicious. No cooking beans over a campfire for them. And we had to plan our showers around their schedule. They would come in after a hike in the desert and dominate the showers.

We used Rio Grande Village Campground as our base of operations for exploring the eastern side of Big Bend. But no matter where we went during the day, at sunset it was another trek up the hill to see another beautiful sunset.

0293_Big Bend




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