flanging 93

Dan H. was the poster child for the alt-right movement.  He was one of the original Enerfab head division guys to come out to the Sharonville plant.  He tried running our flangers, but had already decided he didn’t like them by the time I returned to Sharonville, and settled on operating a press.  He lived way way out east of Cincinnati, way out in the hills and woods half-way to West Virginia.  I know it took him over an hour to drive to work each way.  So I can see why he wanted to transfer out to Sharonville.  Driving into the Spring Grove plant probably took an hour and a half each way.  And I heard he couldn’t even drive his car up to his house.  The hill his house was on was so steep he had to park his car at the bottom and walk up.

He shared a ride from out there with a welder, after this welder transferred out to Sharonville.  There was the story that Dan was sleeping while the other guy was driving into work one morning, when he woke up to find the welder was sound asleep, too.  I don’t remember if Dan yelled and woke him up, or if he just grabbed the wheel.  They were on the Interstate doing at least 70.  Hell of a way to wake up, for either of them.  I don’t remember, either, what it was that woke Dan up.  Probably those damn ridges on the shoulders.  I know they’ve irritated me enough times.  Looks like the road crews could do a better job on the shoulders, make them smoother.

Dan wasn’t racist.  Yeah, right.  Like Steve Bannon isn’t.  But Dan swore he wasn’t.  He got along well with the blacks he worked with, such as Randy V. and Chip M.  That’s the thing.  The ones he knew and saw on a daily basis, the ones he worked alongside with, they were the ‘good’ ones.  It was all the ‘bad’ ones, the ones he heard about on the news but didn’t know personally, ‘they’ were the problem.  Hard workers like Randy V., who worked at two occupations, was married and not only had raised his own children, but also several grandchildren, he was the exception.  And Chip M., who had served in the military, was another exception.  But to hear Dan carry on about blacks and Mexicans was a hoot.

Which made working with him those last years, while Obama was President, also a hoot.  To him Obama was the Devil incarnate.  Dan wasn’t around for Trump’s election, but it was fun enough listening to him during Obama’s election and re-election,  It’s a shame he and Leotis W. had never worked together.  At least while I was around.  I think they did work together at Enerfab.  Two soul mates.

Enough about politics.  Dan was a good press operator who came in every day to work.  He would help anybody who asked for help.  Sometimes when he had a large head to press, he’d get the job set up and running smoothly, then take off his work boots and kick back in his sock feet and relax.  Also, he had an appetite that rivaled Gene S.  He ate at least two lunches a day, plus before work, and he ate at his machine.  And the guy didn’t have an ounce of fat on him.  Gene didn’t, either.  But Gene was young.  Dan was in his fifties, with the metabolism of a twenty-year old.  It was amazing to watch him eat.  It’s people like that who discourage us normal humans who get fat.

Dan got injured at home, I’m not sure how.  But he was off from work for a long time.  He was intending to return to work, but was cutting down a tree and had it fall on him.  I don’t believe he was drawing worker’s comp since I don’t believe it was a workplace injury.  But if it was a personal injury, he would still be drawing partial disability pay from the company, which covers non-work related injuries or sicknesses that prevent you from working.  Anyway, he definitely was supposed to be so bad off he never should have been cutting down trees.  So I’m sure he lost anything he was drawing.  Anyway, this latest injury finished him off.  He never returned to work, so he must have been awarded a total disability.  And besides, the Boilermakers Union has an excellent pension, which I’m sure he drew.  So if Dan recovered from this latest injury, and I hope he did, I bet he’s happy living so far out in God’s country the illegals can’t even find the place.

As I’m sure you noticed, there are a lot of uncertainties in this post.  That’s because I’m retired now, and have to rely only on my own faulty memory.  I used to be able to fact check stories with guys at work, especially Jerry W.  He was my go-to guy for info.  He knew everything about everybody.  But now I don’t see him every day anymore.  So now I have to muddle through on my own.


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